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Traveling awakens my curiosity, encourages beautiful encounters and brings me joy & a sense of personal satisfaction.


Writing helps me share ideas & experiences with others and fulfill my life purpose.

Meanwhile painting takes me to another place, where creativity gently emerges, and self-expression freely flows.

2022-07-07 19.27_edited.jpg

Throughout my life I have been enjoying art in various forms. When I travel, I often go to art galleries to find inspiration. What attracts me in art are colours, particularly unusual colour combinations, shapes and structure.

Only recently, over the past five years, I have had the chance to focus more on art, especially when I lived in Japan (2018-2020). There, I learned calligraphy and painted on beach wood from the local beach of Rokkasho mura, Aomori-ken, where we lived. Without realising it, this is what brought me back to the art world.  

When I moved back to Germany in 2020, I started exploring different techniques including gilding, pouring, collage and negative painting. I experimented using water colour, acrylic, sumi (Chinese ink) as well as pigments, shellack and a large variety of modelling pastes. With time, mixed media has become one of my main points of focus because it gives me the chance to play with colours, shapes and structures, exactly what I am looking for in art.

Although the universe of art is vast and broad, with many tempting new techniques, I have decided for the moment to focus on three areas:

1. aquarelle & golden leaf (dragonfly, water lilies),

2. intuitive painting and

3. acrylic & mixed media.

2022-07-01 15.23.03-1.jpg
2022-06-24 13.58.02.jpg
2022-06-23 18.30.01.jpg
2022-02-16 09.53.31.jpg
2021-12-22 17.03.23.jpg

May 2023             “Spread your Artistic Wings through Intuitive Art!”, Abyssimo Art School

Jan & Mar 2023      “Steinmehl & mehr…” (Rock Flour & more…), Annegret Poschlep, Bavaria, Germany

Sep-22                 “The Secret of Lotus”, Abyssimo Art School

Nov-21                  “Capturing the elusive beauty of Dragonfly”, Abyssimo Art School

Sep-21 to Apr-22     “Acrylic Painting”, Christine Rauscher, Munich

Apr-21                    “Dynamic & Stunning Watercolour Techniques”, Abyssimo Art School

Feb-21                   “How to create texture with Crackles for Mixed Media”, Abyssimo Art School

Oct-20                    “Marvellous Mixed Media 3-D Techniques”, Abyssimo Art School


Jan 2019- Jun 2020   Shodō (Japanese Calligraphy), Aomori-ken, Japan


Music & Art Concert Events:


22 Apr 2023              Poing, Germany


12 Nov 2022             Haar, Germany


11 Nov 2022             Unterbiberg, Germany

Art Exhibitions & Projects:


Mar 2023 – currently             Exhibition at “Kosmetik à la française” in Neufarn, Germany


Feb 2023 – Apr 2023              Kunstpfad Project in Markt Schwaben, Germany


Dec 2022 – Mar 2023            Exhibition at „Grünes Pferd“ Café in Markt Schwaben, Germany

Dec 2022                                  Exhibition in the Markt Schwaben Townhall, Germany

Digital Exhibitions:

17 - 26 Apr 2023                    ARTBOX EXPO NEW YORK, USA

1 – 31 Mai 2023                      FINITY GALERY BERLIN, Germany

1 – 30 Jun 2023                      CASA DEL ARTE PALMA, Spain

8 - 22 Jul 2023                        CIPRIARTE VENEZIA, Italy

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