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Carolina doesn´t only work with water colours but also with acrylic and many other media including various modeling pastes, collage, Chinese ink (sumi), pigments & shellack.

In her acrylic paintings links to Japan can also be found, especially related to the seasons.

Her Motto: "Life is about experimenting something new regularly, in order to break our daily routine and allow personal evolution." This is also what she does with her art!

The paintings can also be tailor made. Please ask:
2022-06-29 17.49_edited.png
2022-06-29 17.51_edited.jpg

"Momijigari", Autumn (sold)

"Morning Spring" (sold)

2022-02-16 09.53.31.jpg

"Love", 40x40cm, acrylic, sumi, modelling paste, 299 euros

"Le monde de Mélusine", 50x50cm, acrylic, various modelling pastes, pigments, Shellack, 499 euros

(This painting will be part of the "Mélusine" set)

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