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Paperback, illustrated with black and white pictures, 208 pages (12.7cm x 20.32cm)

Price : 12,99 euros

​​​The book is also available as an E-book  in German and in French

Carolina, a French woman living near Munich, embarks on a social journey with the asylum seekers in her town. She wants to welcome, share and integrate. She quickly finds herself on an emotional roller coaster, mixed with joy and hope, as well as sadness and deception. Where does this adventure take her?


July 2013. Germany is expecting the arrival of a large number of refugees soon. The refugees are to be dispatched homogeneously around the country. This causes concern and calls into question. Carolina, married, mother of two and new in her community, wants to get involved, she wants to help. Her social network is not very wide yet and she doesn't know how the administrative system really works but she is motivated and determined. How will she commit? What are her plans?

This autobiography, aiming at showing various aspects of immigration in Europe, recounts the social journey of a woman amongst the refugees in her town. In this astonishing adventure, her path will cross the path of a great number of travellers seeking for help, including Mariam, an Eritrean injured woman soldier, who has regular epileptic fits, Amadou Sane, a young Senegalese who left his motherland full of hopes and dreams and Bahoz, a young and depressed Iraqi journalist, prosecuted by ISIS.
This work describes the determination of a young woman in her quest to facilitate the integration of refugees in her town, intertwined with their sad and often tragic stories. Do they really have a chance to stay and be accepted? What is the reality?


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