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Sakura, Sakura (EN)              NEW!


Paperback, illustrated with black and white pictures, 260 pages (15.5cm x 22 cm)

Price: 19,99 euro

It is with an open mind and excitement that Carolina moves to the country of the rising sun. During her time in the country, where rigid traditions intermingle with high tech modernism, and social rules are taken to the extreme, she discovers a parallel universe filled with subtle beauty, particular food and an ancestral heritage, and welcomes into her experience, the “new”, the “different”, the “surprising” without judgement.


Experiencing Japan is like stepping into another reality, a reality where one learns to appreciates the little things in life, one does not think too much about things that cannot be changed, “shoganai” and one fully respects the power of Mother Nature - she always has the upper hand.

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The book will also be available as an E-book.


Momijigari, Japan

Definitely a must read! Carolina has the gift of capturing the essence of a moment and her passion is palpable in the narrations and descriptions. The book is well-researched and gives a glimpse of the most interesting facets of Japan, specifically the northermost prefecture of the main island of Honshu. You would love the tidbits of useful and fascinating information about the Land of the Rising Sun!

- Sol Dolloso San Pedro -

Miyajima, Japan
Springtime,  Shichinohe, Japan

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