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Quelques mots sur CAROLINA

Born in Portugal, from a French-Finnish family, Carolina is fascinated from a young age by the many languages and cultural differences around her. After her studies in biology, in the southwest of France, she moves first to the US and then to the UK, where she works for various agrochemical companies.

Pushed by a desire to discover the world she lives in, she leaves everything behind to travel around the world for a year. Her travels take her to the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. From this experience, she will write her debut book “Mint Tea to Maori Tattoo”.

A few years later, back in Europe, she meets her future Australian husband on a crowded square in Barcelona, Spain, on New Year’s Eve. Together, they move to Munich, Germany, for work, with their first child, Xavier. A year later, Aksel is born.

As soon as the German government talks about taking on asylum seekers, Carolina engages in setting a group of volunteers who will help the asylum seekers in her town. From her social engagement, her second book “A Stop on the Way” will be published by BOD in Germany.

Still for work, the whole family will move to northeast Japan for two years. There, she discovers another culture, a culture where social rules highly matter; enjoys learning about the place, the traditions, including calligraphy, ikebana and even the yosakoi dance. She also tries very hard to learn the language. Her NEW book “Sakura, Sakura” depicts her adventure in the land of the rising sun.


In her books, Carolina shares her personal experiences, her ideas, her learnings. What primes in her stories is the determination, the passion and the motivation that is present in everything that she undertakes.

Her engaging style make us want to follow her in her adventures, get lost in her world and immerse in her way to see life.

​She is convinced that open mindedness and tolerance are the key to a better world.


List of published books:

- Mint Tea to Maori Tattoo (in English, Bright Pen) ISBN 9780755214730

- A Stop on the Way (in English, ISBN 9783738608434, published in 2019

(this book is also available in German and French, see below:

Haltestelle Poing (in German, ISBN 9783741210341, published in 2016

Leur Périple (in French, ISBN 9782322084081, published in 2017)

- NEW Sakura, Sakura, ISBN 9783752674170, published in 2020

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