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Mint Tea To Maori Tattoo by Carolina Veranen-Phillips
​Mint Tea to Maori Tattoo! (EN)


Illustrated with black and white pictures, 352 pages, (14cm x 21.6cm)

Price: 15 euros

Carolina decides one day to leave everything behind to travel the world. She shares with you her personal adventure throughout the world, as a backpacker, as well as her love for the unknown, for meeting people and for self-discovery.

The book is also available as an E-book​ in English and German.

 "A wonderful well written travelogue. Very personal, yet factual and interesting for the general reader.

I thought it would be a book to dip into - I couldn't put it down. A very good read."

Mint Tea To Maori Tattoo by Carolina Veranen-Phillips
Copy of the Passport Stamps
Mint Tea to Maori Tattoo! (EN)


Illustrated with Colour Pictures, 288 pages, (15.6cm x 23.4cm)

Same story with a slightly different book format.

Great idea for Birthday Presents or for any other special occasion!

The book is also available as an E-book​ in English and German.


Mint Tea to Maori Tattoo is a great read for anyone with wanderlust, anyone who has traveled and anyone who is searching for themself. It eloquently blends travelogue with self-discovery as it charts a young woman's journey for cultural awareness and personal revelation. An altogether inspiring read!
Christine (Munich, Germany)
I really enjoyed this unique book and would recommend it to anyone, especially those interested in Africa/Australasia or considering going travelling themselves. Carolina writes with humour and honesty about the journey she made and her lively personality really comes across. 
Clare (Reading, UK)
When you start reading this book, you actually start traveling. Carolina's memories and descriptions are very accurate. There are personal moments, landscape descriptions but also a lot of explanations about the places she visited: the people, history, etc. It is really interesting and a good way to learn more about places most of us have never been to. I recommend it !       
                                                                                  an Amazon Reader
Sehr unterhaltsam und auch lehrreich um sich über andere Kulturen zu informieren. Die Autorin erzählt sehr persönlich, herzlich und offen über ihre Erfahrungen. Auf englisch aber super auch für all diejenigen die ihr Englisch auffrischen wollen, da es sich leicht lesen lässt.
Für Nachahmer ein muss!
eine Amazon Leserin
Carolina has a very interesting way of story telling where she managed to pack a lot of factual information about the places she visits into entertaining yet concise stories and as the book and her trip progress I felt her mental shift as she shared the philosophies she was learning through her journey. I have read a lot of travel books in this genre but this is one of the most interesting because of the way the author combines real information, humour and self-help. I also feel this wasn't just entertainment as it has also given me some new things to think about in my own life.

"Mint tea.." also offers a complete story and you can tell the book has been carefully crafted and edited to make it a good read, a lot of travel authors are quite lazy really and just publish a kind of diary/memoir but this is very neatly packaged and I enjoyed the way the writer is looking back so she can add other interesting information she learned after she was home to complete the stories.

All in all I was very pleasantly surprised by this unheard-of book and if Carolina publishes any further travel books I would snap them up! I only give books 5 stars if I would like to read them again and this is definitely one I would read again. Since I finished it yesterday certain phrases and images have sprung up in my thoughts a few times and I will be recommending the book to my friends. What a great book!
an Amazon Reader

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